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Money is the Root of all evil–but not in the way you think it is

Competing for Money

Steve Frazee of The Chief Good (Conscious Business consulting) shares profound insights on the nature of money, and proposes that it is the very nature of money itself that is causing so many problems in society. A quote from within his post of Bernard Lietaer:

“The monetary system is programmed — albeit not deliberately — to cause certain behavior. It promotes competition and short-term thinking; it forces economic growth; and it undervalues care, education and tasks crucial to maintaining a society. Economics theory teaches us that people compete for markets and raw materials; I think, in reality, people compete for money.”

The scarcity built in to the monetary mechanism is the source of capitalistic competition and likely much of the reason for problems surrounding money, work, and unhappiness.

Is there a choice?

I can’t wait to see what comes of this line of thought. It points to a problem at such a fundamental, primary level, perhaps deep enough for a solution to emerge.

In the age of information, the editor is king. (The rise of the Attention Economy)

It’s no secret that the Information Age is fully upon us. Never before have human beings had access to more information, from more sources.

Initially, the advent of the internet rewarded information providers, giving them access to massive audiences at the click of a mouse. As the Information Age matures and grows ever more efficient, these audiences are becoming overwhelmed with the deluge of information coming at us from all angles.

I’m Wired! – The meme of the burnt Macbook

My house caught fire a few weeks ago,,don’t worry, no one was hurt. I was happy to be alive and managed to keep most all of my stuff undamaged so I concerned myself with the process of moving on and finding a new place.

Meanwhile, the impromptu journalism of my dear roommate Gwen has been spreading like wildfire(pun intended) online. Our Story just got picked up by Wired Online.

Pay-per-Action …it’s the way of the future…

I just signed up for the beta trial of Google’s latest innovation, Pay-Per-Action Advertising.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click has been the reigning king of the online ad world in recent years since usurping the throne from the more invasive banner ad format.

Pay Per Action (or PPA if yer into the whole brevity thing) is about to change all that. (more…)

Email productivity policy and HTML signature in GMail (chasing the 4-hour work week)

It’s over.

Its not you, its me.

I just can’t be chained to you anymore email.

We’re breaking up.

Reading The Four Hour Work Week has inspired me to do something I should’ve done a long time ago (and would’ve had i know it was possible.) That is, break my all-day, energy-consuming, time-draining addiction to email and free up my energy to be truly productive in all my endeavors.

I was exactly like most Information Workers, spend all day online, and process a constant torrent of emails. This practice effectively prevented me from deep engagement in any one project in favor of a general, “multi-tasking” mediocrity.

One simply can’t maintain depth and focus with constant distraction.