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What is the art of Marketing?

The art of marketing is not finding more money to do more marketing. It’s figuring out how to tell a story that spreads with the resources you’ve got.

Seth Godin hits on the key reason I have been drawn to marketing,,,and what makes me good at what I do.

VoSnap, a killer web app created in three days

I am participating in Startup Weekend, a gathering of 70+ developers, coders, designers lawyers and web entrepreneurs with the unlikely goal of launching a fully functional, innovative web application…in just 3 days.

Half way though the weekend, what are we building? VoSnap!

VoSnap is the easiest, fastest tool to coordinate a group and come to a decision. VoSnap uses your mobile, the web, and email to get the decision to any question from any group you chose in minutes.

Want to meet for drinks after work? VoSnap your buddies and ask where to meet, the group consensus is auto sent back to everyone that voted.

With this much talent in one room, the rate of development is unbelievable. We’re covering all the bases and I think this thing really has potential.

UPDATE: VoSnap missed the launch deadline due to unexpected technical difficulties.

VoSnap Misses Launch Deadline: More News at 11
48-hour Instant Startup Company achieves every goal but one…

Boulder, Colorado — At tonight’s New Tech Meetup in Boulder,
Colorado, Andrew Hyde, founder of Startup Weekend, is set to explain
how and why was unable to meet its 48-hour product launch

“Although I’m sure everyone feels naturally
disappointed that we missed the launch, the overwhelming message that
I’m hearing from the 70 founders who participated this weekend is
that they feel like they achieved something historic,” explained Hyde.

The original stated goal of Startup Weekend was to bring people
together and try to launch a company in 48 hours. Except for the
final public release, the Company achieved almost every other
objective it begin with, including legal formation and structure,
comprehensive business planning, product identity design and
development, and marketing and promotion.

According to detailed postings on the website, the
software development team worked until 3am on Sunday night and
ultimately passed internal testing, but by that time it was too late
to marshall the resources of the rest of the team that had already
needed to clear out of the temporary offices by midnight.

Tuesday morning, a prototype version of the service was posted to the
company internal mailing list, but it has not yet been qualified for

The founders have self-selected a core group from each department to
continue development and launch the product. Their initial follow-up
meeting is scheduled for tonight (Tuesday July 10th) at the New Tech
Meetup in Boulder. No current date has been set for launch of the

VoSnap, Inc. is a mobile social voting tool. Users can create a poll,
send it to their friends to vote on, and receive the results via any
mobile device or e-mail. VoSnap reduces time wasted on decision-
making, makes sure everyone in the group has a voice, and gives
instant feedback on fun or serious decisions.

For more information about the details surrounding the company’s
unique inception, visit:

To sign-up to use the service as soon as it it launched, go to: