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Sexy Neckties?

What is something that everybody needs, but nobody is doing remarkably?

That was what Jason and I were asking ourselves on fine summer day in Boulder this year when we both found ourselves frictionally unemployed at the same time.

That is the day was born.

The most ubiquitous thing we could think of were how-to video’s. These are relatively easy to make, capitalize on unique expertise of the creators and provide serious value to the viewers. Its the “oral tradition” for the youTube generation, our method of passing down valuable information.

A search for “how to tie a tie” in Google yields 92 million results. This is something every male in America should probly know how to do so with that, you have sufficient span. 92 million is a helluva lot of competition though, how can we do it better? | How To Tie A Tie | The Full Windsor Knot.Watch more amazing videos here

The market for necktie instructional videos consists of young men. What do young men think about pretty much every moment except when they are trying to figure out how to tie their ties? why women of course.

This is our purple cow. Let us know how you like it.

How to make money online

Strategy #1 Span

Think of something absolutely everybody needs but nobody is doing well.

Do it well.

Monetize it.

Strategy #2 Niche

Think of something a only few people need but nobody is doing at all.

Do it well.

Monetize it.

What is the common factor. Doing good work gets noticed. A little creativity and you can be the best option in a sea of choice. Make it easy to share and people will share it.