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The New Man

My first podcast as a producer for Falling Fruit debuts today. I am very excited.

The New Man is constantly evolving, changing and growing. He is not the “macho jerk,” mindlessly bullying through the world. He is also not the “New Age wimp,” out of touch with his deepest power. The New Man finds integrity in every moment and always looks for his truest expression.

Men’s specific development work is my truest passion at this time in my life. I have always been drawn to very masculine endeavors, from extreme sports to Zen Buddhism. As I learn more about the practice of personal growth from a uniquely male(or masculine) angle, I am increasingly drawn to it.

With this show, we aim to examine the challenges men face in career, relationship, and deepest self, and learn how to move towards authenticity in every moment.

As my most trusted peer group, I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions about how this show can best serve the world.

If your still not convinced, this will get you in the spirit!