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RAM Part 2: Fear is just Excitement in Drag

The conclusion of our discussion with Robert Augustus Masters. Robert gives us some practice tips to help us “get back into our bodies.”

“Repressed anger is as harmful as inappropriately expressed anger,” Masters says when describing how to allow emotions to arise naturally. He says healthy anger is “the guardian of healthy boundaries.”

If you haven’t already, I recommend listening to Part 1: Are you Stuck in the Friend Zone? to hear more of Robert’s understanding supporting these practices.

The New Man: Robert Augustus Masters–Are you Stuck in the Friend Zone?

This weeks New Man Podcast features Robert Augustus Masters. Robert shares with us why men are so often not getting what they want in life. Here’s a clue, its not something you can figure out.

Robert is all about bringing it back to the body, the place where emotions originate in the first place. His workshops are all experiential, getting men to get in touch with repressed feelings and integrate their total selves.

If you have ever been stuck in the Friend Zone with a woman you were attracted to, Robert Masters may have just the solution for you.

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