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Intel recently revealed plans for a new series of chips due out in 2009 that run between 16 and 48 “cores” or processors in parallel. The thinking is that each core can be processing different tasks or different parts of tasks simultaneously.

The technology race through the 80’s and 90’s that revealed Moore’s law of exponential speed increases, was based on linear processing evolution. This new method of linking cores in parallel could very well mark a quantum leap in speed evolution.

Parallel and interlinked internet technologies like the popular “cloud computing,” made famous by Apple and Google lately, distribute computing power across networks of machines on the desktop and the server rack. This parallel network structure is more powerful, reliable and convenient, allowing application innovation to skyrocket.

Combine a “clouded internet” with a multi-core parallel processor structure and you are effectively working with a network of networks, an information processing architecture with speeds that rapidly begin to approach infinity. This will allow for radical evolutions in the very essence of human social-systems and knowledge.

There is another entity that already behaves in a very similar fashion the the networked networks model,,,the human brain.

The brain is made up of 100 billion neurons, the “cores” of the human mind network. Each neuron is responsible for carrying out highly specialized processing and transmission of cellular signals. Neurons connect to thousands of other neurons to form neural networks to carry out specific functions. These neural networks are interlinked with other neural networks to make up the entirety of the brain, and carry out all human functions.

As we create our external reality in our own image, we are unlocking untold power in the higher fractal.

I wonder what things will look like in ten years.