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on fear.

I want to explore fear and a bit about how it shows up in our modern lives, but first a little background on where we came from.

the roots…

Depending on your sources and the criteria for measurement, modern humans as we know them emerged on the scene between 100 and 200 thousand years ago. These early humans enjoyed one or two hundred thousand years of hunter-gatherer evolution before the dawn of the Neolithic age and the advent of farming. About 10 thousand years of domestication in the age of agriculture—hardly enough time to get the furniture how you like it—and the Industrial Revolution comes on to totally shake things up for the human condition.

This Bears Repeating: Bandwidth, The New Power Lever

Inspired by a post from C4Chaos, I thought this worth addressing from my own perspective.

C4 examines how worldview affects our perspective of presidential candidates. A wholehearted YES. Obama had me at hello with his demonstration of worldcentric values, a worldview I see as essential to global leadership in an interconnected world.

C4 quotes Tim Wu:

Just as the industrial revolution depended on oil and other energy sources, the information revolution is fueled by bandwidth. If we aren