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I am extremely happy to announce that just went live!

For the last few months, I have been holding the marketing perspective in the development of Boulder start-up Falling Fruit. Falling Fruit is a podcast network producing conscious audio shows distributed online.

We are debuting the network with two shows. Conscious Business is brand new, and looks into the emerging world of business that strives for more than mere profit. On Conscious Business we will be talking to many social entrepreneurs and conscious capitalists pushing the envelope to social responsibility.

Buddhist Geeks has been online for several months and has developed a following among young Buddhist practicioners. They have featured interviews with Alan Wallace, Genpo Roshi, and Sharon Salzberg.

Falling Fruit is not only interested in talking about conscious business and spirituality, we are living it. At its heart, Falling Fruit is dedicated to sharing positive information with the world and empowering concerned individuals to affect positive change.

Come by and check us out, I have a feeling you might like it 😉