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Competing for Money

Steve Frazee of The Chief Good (Conscious Business consulting) shares profound insights on the nature of money, and proposes that it is the very nature of money itself that is causing so many problems in society. A quote from within his post of Bernard Lietaer:

“The monetary system is programmed — albeit not deliberately — to cause certain behavior. It promotes competition and short-term thinking; it forces economic growth; and it undervalues care, education and tasks crucial to maintaining a society. Economics theory teaches us that people compete for markets and raw materials; I think, in reality, people compete for money.”

The scarcity built in to the monetary mechanism is the source of capitalistic competition and likely much of the reason for problems surrounding money, work, and unhappiness.

Is there a choice?

I can’t wait to see what comes of this line of thought. It points to a problem at such a fundamental, primary level, perhaps deep enough for a solution to emerge.