Ken Wilber talks with The New Man Podcast

Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is on The New Man Podcast this week talking about the historical an biological origins of gender roles.

Ken puts masculine and feminine in a Kosmic context and revels the practical reasons for the difference between roles of men and women in the public and private spheres.

Click Here to check out this thought provoking dialogue with one of the great minds of our time.

This Bears Repeating: Bandwidth, The New Power Lever

Inspired by a post from C4Chaos, I thought this worth addressing from my own perspective.

C4 examines how worldview affects our perspective of presidential candidates. A wholehearted YES. Obama had me at hello with his demonstration of worldcentric values, a worldview I see as essential to global leadership in an interconnected world.

C4 quotes Tim Wu:

Just as the industrial revolution depended on oil and other energy sources, the information revolution is fueled by bandwidth. If we aren

New Media Player for The New Man

Personal Life Media, the parent network for The New Man Podcast, has just launched a new embeddable media player that can be totally customized and feature the latest episodes from up to 5 PLM shows.

This podcast widget makes it easy for guests and fans of the show to share it on myspace, facebook, and any other social media site, blog and standard website.

Simply click the ‘Get’ button on my widget, or the ‘create’ button to customize it the way you like it.

This is a great extension of the power of podcasting into new and more user accessible places online. “Podcasting” is quickly evolving into a ubiquitous communication method, giving users more of what they want how they want it.

very cool.

A network of networked networks.

Intel recently revealed plans for a new series of chips due out in 2009 that run between 16 and 48 “cores” or processors in parallel. The thinking is that each core can be processing different tasks or different parts of tasks simultaneously.

The technology race through the 80’s and 90’s that revealed Moore’s law of exponential speed increases, was based on linear processing evolution. This new method of linking cores in parallel could very well mark a quantum leap in speed evolution.

Parallel and interlinked internet technologies like the popular “cloud computing,” made famous by Apple and Google lately, distribute computing power across networks of machines on the desktop and the server rack. This parallel network structure is more powerful, reliable and convenient, allowing application innovation to skyrocket.

Combine a “clouded internet” with a multi-core parallel processor structure and you are effectively working with a network of networks, an information processing architecture with speeds that rapidly begin to approach infinity. This will allow for radical evolutions in the very essence of human social-systems and knowledge.

There is another entity that already behaves in a very similar fashion the the networked networks model,,,the human brain.

The brain is made up of 100 billion neurons, the “cores” of the human mind network. Each neuron is responsible for carrying out highly specialized processing and transmission of cellular signals. Neurons connect to thousands of other neurons to form neural networks to carry out specific functions. These neural networks are interlinked with other neural networks to make up the entirety of the brain, and carry out all human functions.

As we create our external reality in our own image, we are unlocking untold power in the higher fractal.

I wonder what things will look like in ten years.

Tripp and Jayson in WIE article on “The New Man”

Tripp Lanier (host of The New Man podcast) and Jayson Gaddis (guest of the show and rite of passage expert) are in a featured article in this months issue of What is Enlightenment Magazine. The issue is all about the emerging masculine expression and Tripp and Jayson were called in to represent the “New men’s movement.” It’s a good read throughout and i find it exciting that wider audiences are keying in to what we have been talking about on our show and working with in the world.

The New Man in What is Enlightenment Magazine

Web Two tools for Freelancers

Being a business of one can present unique challenges. We are forced to handle aspects of business well outside our area of expertise. Only a few years ago, a freelancer or entrepreneur was limited to using a spreadsheet or accounting software, sending handmade invoices to clients from M$ word. Time tracking, accounts receivable, and bids were all separate and manually managed. FreshBooks

I don’t like doing things manually, especially things like accounting. I am a marketer, a project manager, a strategist…a numbers guy, i am not.

Enter FreshBooks(yeah referral link;). The Web 2.0 answer to my asking. Invoices, Time Tracking, Accept Payments, Reporting features. I just started using it, but so far, it rocks.

Get your own social network!

A friend of mine noticed a need for better communication and coordination in a group we are participating in. We all use the internet all the time and there were several tools that came to my mind that we might use to address this need. None of them really felt like the elegant solution.

Then he built us a Ning site. In literally 15 minutes, with the help of, he built us own own, custom, private social network.
I started exploring our new site and in the process, had the inspiration to create custom social networks for several other projects I am involved in. I created two more Ning networks, with the added bonus of a single profile that works in all three.

This has me thinking about my clients with lower budgets trying to amplify their web presence. I am already a big fan of customizing wordpress for small business websites, capitalizing on the smooth content management capabilities. Adding Ning into the mix gives big budget functionality to small budget projects. This is a good thing for me 🙂