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Dan Taslitz is a war veteran. He served on the front lines in the Iraq war in Marine reconnaissance in some of the most extremely high stress, high pressure situations. When someone goes through an experience like this, their brain and body adapt in order to survive.

How does that adaptation translate into normal life when a soldier, like Dan, returns from the battlefield?

Its not always easy.

Dan paid close attention to his experience and the changes that were occurring for him. He made a successful transition back into society, translating his stress into strength. He has developed an intimate understanding of the traumatic experience.

He brings this wisdom to his work with to help integrate soldiers into society after their service in battle. Dan helps soldiers resource their strength and learn to adapt in the face of challenges.

Listen as Dan shares his warriors journey through intensity towards integration.



Areas of Conversation:
Marine, Reconnaissance, Iraq war, warriors journey, trauma recovery, The Peaceful Warrior, service, patriot